The Her and History Collection
Abraham Lincoln
Antique Advertising
Charles Dickens
Civil War
Historical-Export China, Stoneware
Mark Twain
Other Hers
Other His
Queen Victoria
Theodore Roosevelt
Winston Churchill
You can access the Collection items by individual/event or review the entire listed catalogue by "clicking" above as designated.  The home page also displays "featured" items which are particularly unique and/or representative of the Collection. The website includes only a portion of the Collection.  More items can be seen at the various shows we attend.  The show schedule can be found on this website.
About The HER and HIStory Collection

The HER and HIStory Collection grew out of a life long interest in learning about the "lives and times" of historical personalities that have  significantly impacted U.S. and world history.  Since most of these individuals lived and the events occurred in the relatively distant past, the closest one can come to "touching them" is to collect related artifacts, publications and memorabilia from that past.  Hopefully, the learning through collecting will be applicable and relevant to current and future times.

A large portion of the HER and HIStory offerings come from a personal collection accumulated over the last 25 years.  We hope you find the items interesting, fairly priced, and helpful in building your own collection.  We strive for authenticity and accurate description when presenting the items to you.  We are very interested in your feedback on our website and offerings, especially if you have additional information that can enhance our learning.  Please click "contact" to communicate with us.  We also hope to see you when we display at shows throughout the country