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The Her and History Collection primarily focuses on renown women and men of history,  including but not limited to, Teddy Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, Charles Dickens, Queen Victoria, and Abraham Lincoln.  The Collection offers related autographs/manuscripts; memorabilia/commemoratives; prints/photos; books, by and about (primarily 1st eds); statuary; and ephemera.  Important historic events and movements such as the civil war, political elections, and women suffrage are covered.  Also, historic/export china and antique advertising with a patriotic motif or flavor are included for sale.


You can access the Collection items by individual/event or review the entire listed catalogue by "clicking" above as designated.  The home page also displays "featured" items which are particularly unique and/or representative of the Collection. The website includes only a portion of the Collection.  More items can be seen at the various shows we attend.  The show schedule can be found on this website.
Dickens Theatre Poster - 1851 Lincoln Engraving - One of a Kind
$1,675.00 $345.00
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